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Startup Team

ScribeZone® is a patented multimedia lesson authoring platform developed within the Department of Defense by language training experts, methodologists and software engineers.

 ScribeZone® Technology and Methodology:

  • Leverage the power of multimedia instruction in a new way

  • Take language learning well beyond multiple choice, short answer, and broad-brush listening comprehension

  • Move student learning into the realm of contextual and linguistic analysis, research, full comprehension, and deeper learning

While originally created for language instructors, ScribeZone® is a versatile authoring platform that can be used to create lessons for any subject including STEM course materials.

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Superior Media Navigation
  • ScribeZone® automatically synchronizes the video, audio, and written texts. 

  • Instructors can segment the media into manageable chunks to appropriately focus and challenge their students. 

  • The audio waveform provides superb navigation capability increasing both efficiency and efficacy.

True Student-Centered Learning
  • ScribeZone® puts students in control of their learning:  how they approach activities, and what learning modalities they employ.  

  • The tight integration of the audio, video and text makes it easy for students to play and replay the media as needed to progress through a lesson and focus their efforts where needed.  


Synchronized Triangulation of the Media Components Dramatically Improves Student Recall, Retention, and Overall Comprehension  

Dynamic and Flexible Instructor Interface
  • Instructors can create a wide variety of activities  and quizzes to reach and challenge their students.

  • Question templates make adding activities a breeze. 

  • ScribeZone® facilitates instructor collaboration and lesson sharing.  

Differentiation / Personalized Learning
  • ScribeZone® courseware combines reading, listening, writing and media viewing to create interactive tasks that give both visual and auditory learners access to the information they need to learn and succeed.

  • Lessons can be easily tailored and repurposed for different groups of students or for students at different language levels.  

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