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ScribeZone® is a patented EdTech platform developed, tested and successfully deployed within the Department of Defense to teach and mentor professional civilian and military cryptologic language analysts. 
This innovation has moved from lab to market through the USG Technology Transfer Program and is now commercially available.  Contact us today to learn how you can access this unique and flexible technology to teach your students. 
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ScribeZone® Testimonials from U.S. Government Language Instructors

I received training on the ScribeZone® platform in March 2013 and have not stopped using it since.  Call me a ScribeZone® junkie. 


I have taught over 720 students using this tool. For entirely selfish reasons, I cannot conceive of teaching a listening course without the use of ScribeZone®: simply put, it makes the job easier for me. 


Before I go into a listening comprehension class, I must own the material. This tool provides an environment where I can slice-and-dice the speech into digestible segments.  It’s gotten to the point where I could probably segment the speech without even listening to it!  Of course, I do listen, and ScribeZone® is my best friend during the operation.


I used ScribeZone® for several years to teach language classes.  Basically, ScribeZone® is the best language learning tool I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  It's a fabulous way to teach and reinforce grammar - using contextual analysis with audio. 


Students raved about using ScribeZone® because it allowed them to work on challenging materials at their own pace and in an easy format.  


I’m excited that there is a web-based version of ScribeZone® available to language instructors. It will change the way students learn foreign languages.   


I used an early ScribeZone® prototype that was a desktop executable.  It allowed me, as an instructor, to develop language exercises with ease.  


Because the audio and the text portion of the tool were connected and synchronized, it allowed me to divide the media into appropriate length sections allowing the students to break down and analyze words, phrases and idioms. 


The full text portion of the exercise proved to be a fertile ground for creating meaningful language tasks for my students - exploring grammar/phonetic issues, etc. 


I found that ScribeZone® was not just a tool, it was a better way of teaching of foreign languages.


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