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Language Magazine published an article by Akshay Swaminathan entitled Audio Dissection where he details his techniques for improving his listening comprehension skills. He describes how he trained  his ear to pick up the sounds of a foreign language that he was missing and misinterpreting. 


The audio navigation features in ScribeZone® are superior to most tools on the market and are perfect for finding and isolating the exact spot you want to listen and relisten to so you can train your ear to understand what is being said. 

The pivot to alternate forms of instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused great concern for educators, parents, and students alike. An Australian study published in the Review of Educational Research in early 2021 finds that asynchronous video instruction at the university level has some definite advantages over the usual forms of instruction and even shows improvement in average test scores, especially when used as a supplement to existing content.

Chris Burt reviews the study and notes that when students have control over the video playback, they can review content in areas where they have questions and fast-forward through other sections as needed. This leads to greater learner autonomy and may increase student motivation.

Authors of the study cite that shifting the “explaining” portions of learning to video allows face-to-face time to be reserved for more interactive work. Even after the pandemic ends,  instructors will find value in incorporating video into their teaching," said one of the researchers.  Read…


ScribeZone® is an ideal platform for making the most of your video instruction. Think of it as a palette that surrounds your video and lets you build activities to challenge your students and learn if they truly grasped the material. Contact us for information: 

Personalized and individualized instruction has long been a staple for Special Education. With the shift to virtual and hybrid learning, more instructors are exploring the benefits for their learners.  In her article What Lessons Does Special Education Hold for Improving Personalized Learning?, Sarah Gosner looks at the many facets of personalized learning and how applicable it is in remote, virtual and hybrid learning environments. Read...

The courseware design and delivery features in ScribeZone® make it easy to repurpose and optimize your activities to focus on the specific needs of individual students and small groups. 

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  • Dynamics of Group Instruction: F2F and Virtual

  • At the Intersection of Listening and Reading

  • Instructional Blueprint to Boost Language Proficiency and Performance

  • Aural Language Processing Techniques, Transcription, Methodology and Technology 

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Brian Johnson's article Make It Stick , published in Experience Life magazine, outlines a few of the learning strategies in the book, Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning, by  cognitive scientists Henry Roediger, PhD, Mark McDaniel, PhD and Peter C. Brown.  Repetition, spaced practice, mixing it up with interleaved practice are all techniques that are effective in making the learning last. Read...

The tightly integrated and synchronized triangulation of multimedia available with ScribeZone® dramatically improves student recall, retention, and overall comprehension.
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Arnett-survey-oped part.jpg

Thomas Arnett examines whether the forced adoption of online learning during the pandemic will move the needle closer to student-centered learning. While the jury is still out, a good mix of asynchronous and synchronous online learning, when executed with appropriate materials and effective technologies, can have important benefits for both teachers and students. Leveraging technology properly and not just replicating classroom-based instruction via 

video platforms can unlock new possibilities for how teachers can support their students during face-to-face time. Ultimately, it’s encouraging to see educators discovering ways to use online learning to make instruction more student-centered today and in the future. Read..

There are many educational technologies available to help teachers reach their students both in and out of the physical classroom. That is a good thing - no single intervention is a Swiss Army knife that can address every educational situation. ScribeZone® is a flexible platform that enables teachers to create student-centered activities and to be effective in hybrid and flipped learning environments as well as in the physical classroom. Learn more...

Emily Boudreau's article Six Thinking Scaffolds That Can Move Students Toward Deeper Levels of Understanding published in KQED's Mindshift hits the mark in explaining how to craft  courseware to change the way your students approach problems and improve their learning outcomes.  Read...

Interleaf Learning LLC has a unique teaching methodology that focuses on contextual analysis and aural language processing techniques to give students deeper learning experiences.

ScribeZone® has a robust combination of features making it easy to craft your courseware so students can get beyond the surface of the text and reach a deeper understanding of the text and the language. 

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