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  • Our patented ScribeZone® technology uses a unique process that lets instructors upload multimedia files, segment the audio and video into discrete parts and then create activities based on the media. 


  • The audio, video and transcript are automatically synchronized as the instructor creates segments.


  • Lessons involve students listening, watching videos, reading transcripts and completing a variety of interactive tasks revolving around the media content.  

Screenshot of a fill-in-the-blank English lesson created with the ScribeZone®.

SZ Russian Example.jpg

This screenshot shows the instructor’s view of a Russian fill-in-the-blank

                                              and translation activity.

  • Instructors can customize lessons in any language or subject.  ScribeZone® supports foreign language input for left-to-right and right-to-left languages as well as Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

  • Students can play and replay  the media and can slow down or speed up the playback rate to isolate sounds as small as a word or even a syllable, so they can completely understand what is being said. 


  • Instructors can embed a wide range of activities in the transcript including fill-in-the-blank or cloze (words, phrases or sentences).  Templates help create multiple choice, true-false and short answer/essay questions about the content. Vocabulary quizzes can also be embedded.

TESOL Questions.jpg

In the lesson shown above, the student is challenged to understand and properly 

                interpret the meaning of the English idiom “it slipped my mind.”

  • Lessons designed with ScribeZone® allow instructors to design differentiated learning to fit the needs of mixed level classrooms with scaffolded activities and by adding hints, comments, and hyperlinks for background information or research.


  • Using ScribeZone® lessons, students can work at their own pace, focus on their own problem spots and re-listen/reread as needed.

  • Students work independently and can employ learning preferences of their choosing.

All in the Family.png

In the lesson shown above, the student is challenged to answer questions based

                                                            on video content.

  • Our ScribeZone® platform provides a sophisticated media playback system that is very responsive and provides superior media and text navigation. This feature greatly reduces student frustration when completing activities.


  • Lessons designed with ScribeZone® provide the opportunity for students to work with grammar and vocabulary in action instead of completing canned textbook exercises or passively listening to a lecture.


  • The media playback system enables more focused reading and listening and increases attention to detail resulting in deeper learning.

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